Sunday, December 13, 2009

Your scent is all I have of you.


"You can't forget, you can't forgive how I told you last time I saw you. It wants to make you cry, it wants to make you swear. I want you to know, every hour, every day I spent with you was forever. My mind goes astray, I swear it would be forever. I'm just awaking with the dusk on my eyes. I didn't give anyone else a love like this. Let all the clouds sing of my illusion. From a sky now it's turning blue. Keeping my smile safe, when I'm dying inside. And I can't forget, and I can't forgive how you kissed the pulse on my neck. Last time you loved me. It wants to make me die. It wants to make me bleed. I want you to know. I want to disappear, here in these words. I need you to know."

Klimt 1918 - Just an Interlude in Your Life

I love these lyrics. Thought I'll share them with you.
I'm inspired by the shape of Rickshaw. It's going to be my new building.
My mum would murder me if she finds I caught cold.
Stupid evening, if you don't want to talk, tell me soon, I'm going to fuck a tree trunk awaiting you.
You and your aliens from Saturn can go to hell. :p
And alot of other stupid things I want to yell at you.
Fuck depression, live happy. Lol.

In self-exile, another page turns.

I was trying to fix my hair, and then I'm drunk with speechlessness, leaving sweet imprints of destruction.
There's no reason to smudge it over.
The lyrics you sent me last night, made me cry.
Another towering city, black boots and black coats.
Can someone commit such a sin, that God cannot forgive him?
Imagine having your miseries photographed.

Mistletoe, he explained. Mistletoe.
"Merry Christmas dahlin', don't want one of these unscrupulous lads kissing you."
Another page turns.
They were always running and yet they never had any time.
You can't leave me. I let the flowers wilt in the open. I'm not the only one.
Watch me.

Do you want me to orbit you?
Another page turns.

Paper cut.


  1. Somehow, I could really relate to some things. :)

    Write regularly..

  2. Rhiamon, I totally agree with you.