Thursday, March 26, 2009

Escaping your yesterdays.

Run into the fields with the weight of the world on your shoulders
Look back, their lying faces don't follow.
And into monsoon rains you'd spend by the window
He holds you just to look into your eyes.
Your heart stops.
Origami and scribbled notes remind you
Of things you are and people you've been,
Sometimes it's good to remember
Ink stains like hearts pressed in secret diaries,
Pieces of you not meant for the world.
You hate how he makes you lose control
As he tilts his head and smiles,
Your heart breaks.
He knows
How you let him break you and fall in love again
You can not think so you run.
He smiles some more into your eyes
And as he kisses your soiled fingertips, he sighs,
"Tarso ba garzai te bela mana?"
"How long will you wander without me?"

1 comment:

  1. He'll keep coming back. You can never truly escape your past.
    "Ink stains like hearts pressed in secret diaries." I loved that line.